We all imagined it to be completely different. Our idea of a democratic internet offering equal opportunities and private communication has failed. Today we find ourselves in the role of peasants, sowing and harvesting massive amounts of data for a mighty king. Google – Apple – Facebook – Amazon. Online Companies do all in their power to make us enjoy the harvest. The fruits of our fields make them rich. We are entangled in a system that generates value from our data, won by the digital devices we are equipped with. By using them we are working a job that we’ve never applied for. Our online behavior is constantly profiled – without our consent. Data analysts and their self-learning algorithms, the big dragons, are finally making it our doom. But not only King GAFA – governments all over the world claim their rights to use our crop.

Meet the Storytellers

  Fabio Hofer

Johanna Pichlbauer

  Felix Lenz

 Kati Shipilenko

“King GAFA and the Magical 0-1 Crop” started as a university project. Design for Agency! How could we as designers contribute to the fight for a better Internet? We’ve met with experts, learned from them how to encrypt our emails, which messengers to use, how to avoid nasty trackers, we joined their discussions and we are now very proud to present our fairytale – a story to challenge our internet behaviour and spark a conversation about data sovereignty.

Thank You

Chaos Computer Club Wien (C3W) – Paul Feigelfeld – Markus Sabadello – RIAT – Anab Jain – ID2 Studio – Justin Pickard – Tamás Nyilánszky – Ilir Kadria – Blautöne das Tonstudio