The Kingdom

Meet King GAFA, representing the big players of an industry that depends on the peasants more than it admits.

The Magical 0-1 Crop

An episode on data, on how we produce it, who owns it and how we actually pay for the services that seem to be free.

The Presents

How have we become so dependent on apps and devices? And what does “surveillance capitalism” stand for?

The Apparatus

What happens to our data when it arrives at the King’s castle? Let’s sneak a peek into how our data is processed.

The Dragons

Discover the data brokers and their powerful algorithms – what impacts do they have on our daily lives?

The Basketmaker

The Basketmaker knows how to keep your messages safe. Learn about encryption and safe messengers.

The Elders

How are our governments involved in the King’s schemes? An episode about lobbyism, surveillance and the security argument.