Become a Privacy Knight!

To face the King, we need to be many – a legion of privacy knights, determined to be informed, to change platforms and to work together, be creative and imagine what we want our future to look like.

We’re always on the outlook for like-minded peasants to collaborate with. If you have ideas or feedback, if you want a screening of “King GAFA and the Magical 0-1 Crop” or if you just want to talk and connect, we’d love to hear from you!

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We have ideas for at least 10 more episodes:

We’d like to produce the Elders episode on our governments’ data affairs, including our very own translation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation that will soon be put into place.

An episode on the huge dark forest that surrounds all the kingdom, and that doesn’t show on the King’s map – reachable through a beautiful old gate, the famous TOR.

And what about the curious tunnels, that let you travel through the kingdom in no time? Send your baskets from there to confuse the King! A page about VPN!


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