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Moral #1

Google – Apple – Facebook – Amazon. Online companies have quickly risen to incredible power, their digital platforms becoming central intersection points of data flow worldwide. But by using his apps and devices, we agree to play by GAFA’s rules without knowing the whole extent of what our data is really used for.

Our ideas of a democratic internet, offering open knowledge, accessible unobserved and in privacy seem to have failed. Today we find ourselves in the role of peasants, sowing and harvesting massive amounts of data for a mighty king. Google – Apple – Facebook – Amazon. The King has quickly risen to incredible power, his market values are rocketing and with power comes political influence.

Owned by online companies based primarily in the Silicon Valley, the big digital platforms and infrastructures have become central intersections of data flow worldwide. Our e-mails, chats, photos – a big part of our communication travels to King GAFA before reaching the addressee. We use his apps and devices and they seem like presents from a king who loves his people – bread and circuses.

But by using them, we agree to play by GAFA’s rules: all we produce is owned by GAFA and will be used according to the King’s interests. And when we think of the king’s interests, we think of Targeted Advertisement and we’re quick to say: “Well, I like to receive advertisement that is of interest to me.”

But the whole extent of what our data is really used for, is hidden behind the heavy doors of the castle and will be revealed in the course of this series.

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