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Moral #2

We produce massive amounts of data. But do we own them?

Today generating data goes way beyond the content of an email or a posting on social media. The device we send it from, the time of the day or the speed of our fingers hitting the keyboard – all this information is so called Metadata. And our lives are full of it. There’s almost no way not to produce data with the digital tools we’re provided with by Tech- and Online Companies all over the world. But this data does not belong to us. We are made to believe that these Social Networks, Applications and other services are free, while actually we are paying a great price for them – our data. We produce and share sensible information like financial data, health and medical data and there’s no way for us to truly keep it to ourselves. We don‘t even have a say in what happens with it. We can only send our crop to King GAFA and in lack of alternatives we are forced to accept his Terms and Conditions. The king owns the game, he makes the rules.

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