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Start using DuckDuckGo, the search engine that respects your privacy. Make it your default search engine by downloading the DuckDuckGo browser add-on! For almost every service you use, there’s an open source alternative.

Moral #3

Remember: If it’s free, you’re the product being sold.

Our digital devices and the enormous range of services they offer have become essential parts of our lives. We enjoy their great potential for interaction and self-expression. The King’s tools turn work into fun, he gives them to us “for free” and we are happy to play, to take selfies, put on filters, share the experience with our friends. We can now produce more crop than we would have ever dreamed of, but we have also grown more and more dependent on our wonderful tools.

In our striving for efficiency, they have become mandatory everyday companions. This dependency is no coincidence – it is a result of what is called Surveillance Capitalism: A system that generates value out of/from? OUR data, gathered from devices that WE use. The devices we purchase never become truly ours, they are mere Harvesting Tools, forcing encouraging us to generate Crop for the King. They spy on us – and they’re everywhere. We have even started to wear them on our bodies and we’ve brought them into our homes – where they watch over our children. The data we produce is then used to come up with even better, even more convenient tools – a circle of extracting, controlling and monetizing information.

Online companies aim to keep us limited to what is offered on the market. We aren’t supposed to study and improve the devices we use. Democratic principles and user privacy have no place in Surveillance Capitalism. However, an honest and ethical alternative is emerging: open source and free software. Open source developers choose a decentralised way of creating their digital tools. They publish the blueprints, and they grant their users the opportunity to look at, change and therefore control the algorithms around them.

You can make a difference – step by step replace the services you use with open source software and become master of your digital environment.

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